Silicone doll: a very practical and easy to keep sex object

Using a silicone doll requires some special care, although it is configured as a sex object, this doll is very fragile.

Disinfect before and after each use

This is a gesture that all users of sex toys must do in every way. Even if we don't borrow our sex objects, even if we don't share them, we should always disinfect after use and before. For this doll, after washing it with water, it is advisable to use a absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol to accentuate its cleaning. And for its maintenance, you can buy lubricating products to keep the beautiful appearance of the silicone material of the doll. You should also keep the dolls in the shade, since they can't stand the heat.

Use the doll gently

Silicone dolls can satisfy all kinds of people with different sexualities. Trans people, and homosexuals can find their gay sex doll friend to liven up their intimate evenings. It is possible to make hard practice with a silicone doll, only, we must be careful not to cut its head by our sudden gestures that can harm our pleasure. Know that this silicone head can only turn left and right, and make an angle rotation of 45 degrees. As for the arms, they can go up to her chest, up and down, but can't turn in the back for too long. The hips can move in front and behind, and the legs can move 170 degrees apart and even a wide spread.

Finally, to keep the dolls for years to come, be sure to keep them out of the sun and away from dust. Indeed, the silicone melts sometimes and keeps the dust that will destroy its texture. You can dress her with cotton clothes only and that are wide enough for her, no jewellery that can crack her skin. You can use talcum powder, but she can't stand foundations and oily products.


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